NPR Has Corporate-Snitching Platform To Rat Out Anti-Mask Coworkers

Taxpayer-funded NPR hasn't dropped a strict mask mandate at its corporate offices - and has been maintaining an anonymous tip-line for employees to snitch on their co-workers who ignore the rules, according to the Washington Free Beacon.


Source: Zero Hedge, By Tyler Durden, May 22, 2022

“We have asked on-site supervisors to remind staff of the masking requirements when needed,” reads the internal memorandum. “Masking is still required, unless recording alone in a studio, working alone in an office with the doors closed, or actively eating or drinking. (And ‘actively’ does not mean occasionally drinking from a water bottle).”

Employees at NPR’s headquarters in Washington, D.C., built in 2013 for a total cost of $200 million, were advised as to how to peacefully confront a delinquent colleague in the workplace. “If you notice someone has forgotten their mask, you might tell them, ‘Hey, you forgot your mask.’ It’s actually helping the person to be reminded,” the memo reads. “Nobody is intentionally trying to evade the rule. And if you are reminded to wear your mask, say, ‘Thank you!'”

Other options for ratting out maskless coworkers include telling human resources supervisors who will confront the offender themselves or sharing “an anonymous concern via the EthicsPoint system,” a not-at-all-totalitarian-sounding name for a workplace snitching platform. -Free Beacon

NPR’s corporate ‘culture’ last made headlines in 2021 when they conducted a reading of the Declaration of Independence which pointed out the “flaws” and racist elements of one of America’s most cherished documents.