From ISIS Hometown Comes More Syrians and Pakistanis: Border Fears Mount After Hamas Attack


Source: Frontline America, By Kari Donovan, October 10, 2023

Headlines in the news on Tuesday are that Pakistani authorities announced plans to deport more than one million Afghans living illegally in Pakistan, a sign of increasing hostility between the Pakistani government and Taliban authorities, and it appears that we are inviting all of that tribal warfare into the United States of America.

Consider what is going to happen in the United States as we have opened our borders not only to people who hate us but to people who hate each other.

Ben Bergquam, a correspondent for Real America’s Voice, published a number of videos that show footage of what should concern the American people very much- illegals are rushing into the country from all over the world, no one knows who they are, what their purpose is for being here, or where they are headed to settle down- OR what they will do with their futures.

No one in the government cares either, as they are mostly busy virtue signaling over how much money they can send overseas to foreign wars.

Here is what Bergquam posted on his Twitter account Tuesday:

“If the ending of this video doesn’t make you sick about what Biden and Mayorkas are making our Border Patrol do, nothing will! From Lukeville, Arizona, this morning. Border Patrol confirmed again that there are significant numbers of Syrians and Pakistanis (many from northern India) coming in at this location. Shame the #fakenews into doing their job! “Law & Border” Real America’s Voice News

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