Hamas Members Were High on ISIS Drug to ‘Help’ Them Commit Atrocities Against Israeli Women and Children


Source: PJ Media, By Victoria Taft, October 20, 2023

You’d have to be devoid of any human compassion to kill those babies, toddlers, and grandmas in Israel on October 7, which may explain why those devout Muslim terrorists in Hamas were high on a drug used by ISIS when they committed their atrocities. Being high in wartime is a movie we’ve seen before, especially in the Middle East.

Dead Hamas terrorists were found with Captagon in their pockets when Israeli soldiers later checked their bodies after the unspeakable attacks. The drug, which comes in pill form, is an amphetamine that keeps the killers high, alert, and emotionally detached and can induce psychotic episodes. Check, check, check, and check.


The drug came into common use by Muslim jihadis when ISIS captured a pharmaceutical manufacturing plant in Aleppo, Syria, in 2014, according to a site called War on the Rocks in an article entitled, “This Is Your Jihad on Drugs.” The website says the precursor chemicals for Captagon come in from Lebanon and Turkey.

If you want additional insight into the intrigue and trade routes for these chemicals (and an interesting storyline), you’ll want to check out the latest Vince Flynn spy thriller called “Code Red.” I had never heard of Captagon before reading this book (also if you like Vince Flynn spy thrillers, then, by all means, check out my interview with the newest author of the series, Don Bentley on my Adult in the Room Podcast below).

Being high on drugs is typical of jihadis and other Nazis as well. It gives them “courage” to blow themselves up, engage in no-win battles, and kill innocents. Terrorists have used “been known to consume drugs as varied as heroin, meth, and Ritalin to steady themselves before detonating their devices. In Mali, jihadist fighters have taken advantage of cocaine being trafficked through their territory bound for European markets.

“Not only do they earn profits from ‘taxing’ shipments as they transit through areas they control, [but] they have used cocaine while committing atrocities,” according to War on the Rocks. The mujahideen in Afghanistan would get high on hashish before engaging in battle, in addition to growing poppies for opium, but if the Taliban ever caught anyone casually using drugs they’d kill them.

American warriors who I know vouch for the use of drugs by Iraqi soldiers and terrorists in the Iraq War.

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Hitler popularized the use of methamphetamines in battle, which helped him pull off his quick and unrelenting Blitzkrieg, according to World War II historians. Indeed, we’re told that Hitler got the idea from watching Americans taking performance-enhancing drugs during the 1936 Olympics, and his chemist got to work replicating the drug.

The German chemist Friedrich Hauschild had been aware of the American amphetamine Benzedrine ever since the drug has been used as a doping product in the Olympic Games in Berlin in 1936. The following year he managed to synthesize methamphetamine, a close cousin of amphetamine, while working for Temmler-Werke, a Berlin-based pharmaceutical company. Temmler-Werke began selling methamphetamine under the brand name Pervitin in the winter of 1937. Partly thanks to the company’s aggressive advertising campaign, Pervitin became well known within a few months. The tablets were wildly popular and could be purchased without a prescription in pharmacies. One could even buy boxed chocolates spiked with methamphetamine. But the drug’s most important use was yet to come.

Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad’s family is making bank on the Captagon production industry. And Hezbollah, the other Iranian-run terrorism outfit besides Hamas that Joe Biden is subsidizing, is also heavily into the production of highly addictive drug. Of course, they are.

The Jerusalem Post reports that the industry “involves the participation of Hezbollah, is overseen by Assad’s brother, and serves as a prosperous enterprise amidst the ruins of the ongoing civil war that has plagued Syria for over a decade.” It’s believed Captagon “from Syria alone reached a minimum of $3.5 billion in 2020 — a figure five times greater than the combined value of Syria’s legal export industries, estimated at just over $700 million.”

Do you want to guess as to whether the drug has washed over America’s southern border to poison more military-aged American men?

Maybe that’s where Don Bentley will take his lead character Mitch Rapp in the next Vince Flynn novel. God help us.