Stacey Abrams Campaign is PHONE BANKING And SENDING TEXTS To Find Ballots


Source: Big League Politics, By  , November 10, 2018

The blatant push by Democrats to extend voting after Election Day in certain counties is in full swing, with the liberal mainstream media taking the side of the Democrat cause and the American people scrambling to preserve our Republic in the face of radical left-wing attacks on our election integrity.

The Stacey Abrams campaign is actively phone-banking to find provisional ballots, and voters are also receiving text messages asking them if they filed provisional ballots.

Big League Politics has obtained one of the text messages to voters: “URGENT: GA  gov vote is TOO close to call. Today is the last day provisional ballots can still be counted. Did you submit a PROVISIONAL ballot at polls on Tues?”

Here is an email that her campaign is sending out:

“Today is our LAST DAY to find and count every single provisional ballot.

So if you cast a provisional ballot on Tuesday, we need you to call our Voter Protection Hotline at 1-888-730-5816 immediately. Our team can tell you if your ballot was counted, and if it was not, we can help you with next steps.

And please, help us spread the word to every Georgian you know. Forward this email to your friends, post on Facebook, call your relatives. Everyone needs to know this information.

We’re going to make sure every vote is counted.

Thanks for your help,

– Team Abrams”