Sharia Crime Stoppers : Enemies Within The Evangelical Church with Leo Hohmann, Part 3


This is Part 3 of a 4 Part series that is being presented, Tuesday nights, 7pm ET (March 19 – April 9, 2019).

Sharia Crime Stoppers presents: Leo Hohmann, Shahram Hadian, and Philip Haney. Discussing how the Pastors are leading from a Marxist-Socialist platform, how the churches are preaching “Social Justice” and not Biblical theology. How specific mega-churches and it’s leaders are morally corrupt, how they are leading it’s congregants to Tri-Faith/Chrislam beliefs and events from inside the church! Teaching that Christianity & Islam come from the same Abrahamic faith… SO UNTRUE AND NOT BIBLICAL! They will give you an understanding WHY it’s UNTRUE!

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Sources and References from our guests tonight:

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Philip Haney’s book, See Something/Say Nothing, available at Barnes & Noble:…

Shahram Hadian’s, Say NO to Interfaith Dialogue and the 10 Questions to ASK YOUR PASTOR:

Reference docs:
Signatories of “A Common Word…” , 1/3rd are tied to MB:

More details re: “Alliance of Virtue for…”… 4

Key Factors Why Islam CAN NOT be from the same Abrahamic Faith:
1. They DENY Jesus was Crucified
2. They DENY Jesus is the Son of God
3. They believe Mohammad is the “Promise of the Comforter”
4. Islam did NOT exist until about the 6th century, during Mohammad’s reign of terror.

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