Train of illegal immigrants barrels for US-Mexico border


Source: The Post Millennial, By Darian Douraghy, September 18, 2023

US Border Patrol apprehended around 91,000 illegal immigrants in August alone.

Hundreds of apparent illegal immigrants were seen loudly celebrating as they rode on top of a cargo train headed into the United States amid record-high numbers of illegal crossings at the US-Mexico border.

Cheers and yells could be heard from many of the people who had boarded the train in footage of the occurrence that went viral.

A FerroMex train was seen traversing through the central Mexican city of Zacatecas, going northbound on its 750-mile journey to the US.

The footage reportedly went viral after it was posted on X by Fox News’ Griff Jenkins, who said that the migrants are “clearly not heeding the message: ‘do not come.’”

Jenkins was referencing previous remarks by Vice President Kamala Harris, who in June instructed migrants from Guatemala: “Do not come. Do not come. The United States will continue to enforce our laws and secure our borders.”

This brigade of journeying illegal immigrants comes as the US is facing an unprecedented crisis of illegal immigration. In August alone, officials from US Border Patrol apprehended around 91,000 illegal immigrants who passed through the border as part of family groups, per data gathered by the Washington Post. This topped the prior one-month record, which totaled 84,486 families arrested in May 2019, under the Trump administration.

The crisis of illegal immigration has gotten so bad in some parts of the country that leaders in El Paso, Texas have now warned that mass groups of migrants will soon be sleeping on the streets due to housing capacity being maxed out. A reported 1,700 migrants crossed into the US via El Paso on just Thursday alone.

“Our No. 1 priority is the safety of our community and the safety of our asylum seekers,” Mayor Oscar Leeser announced at a Friday morning news conference.

“We don’t want them sleeping on the streets, but at some point, we will run out of capacity.”

Another hard-hit part of the US is the state of Arizona, where the city of Tuscon’s Border Patrol is reporting the highest number of illegal crossings in the country.