VIDEO: Jihad in America: The Terrorists Among Us


Thanks to: Investigative Project on Terrorism

This film tracks down a network of Islamic Extremists among us in New York, Boston, New Jersey, Texas, California, Oregon, Florida and Kansas, detailing their hatred and violent intentions against Christians, moderate Muslims and Jews in the United States.
Listen to Islamic radicals, telling their followers to carry our Jihad on U.S. soil.
See the fundraising structure in America that supports terrorists and the legitimization of radical Islamic groups. hiding behind “charitable” fronts.
This video is an educational call to action for the American public, to provide U.S. law enforcement authorities with the tools they need to deal with this real threat to the American way of life.
The Islamic extremists who promote and carry out Jihad, are as great a threat to moderate Muslims as they are to Christians, Jews and to all Americans.