Sidney Powell’s Misdemeanor Plea is a Major Defeat for Rogue Prosecutor Fani Willis


Source: Don Brown, October 21, 2023

Former Trump attorney Sidney Powell may have technically entered a plea to several insignificant misdemeanor charges in Fulton County Georgia, bringing the unwarranted case brought against her by rogue prosecutor Fani Willis to an end, but make no mistake about this. The only thing that Sidney Powell is truly guilty of is being a red-blooded American patriot, who loves her country. But Powell’s pleas to relatively insignificant misdemeanors aside, as we step forward to election tactics that occurred in Georgia, which cast doubt upon the integrity of the 2020 election and still leave major lingering questions that have not been fully answered.

Beyond that, Powell’s plea really isn’t about Sidney Powell. In reality, it’s about Fani Willis, underscoring Willis’s failure to get Sidney on nothing more than mickey-mouse, mop-up charges, to avoid going to trial, where she- Willis – was about to get a legal steel boot put up her derriere on a case she could not win.

Willis is a rogue prosecutor and has shown, like anti-constitutional Democrat prosecutors Jack Smith, Leticia James, and Alvin Bragg, her willingness to throw the power of her office into prosecuting cases that are primarily political above all else. Willis and her fellow rogue prosecutors have thus shown a willingness to attack and if necessary, take down and destroy the very First Amendment she, and they, swore to uphold when she raised her hand to give a lip-service-only pledge to the Constitution, as a prerequisite of being sworn in as a member of the bar.

But it was never about the preservation of the Constitution. For Willis, Smith, James, and Bragg, and others like them, lip-service allegiance to the constitutional oath was only a perfunctory step toward the acquiescence and aggrandizement of political power, the Constitution be damned.

While the left-wing media may relish in Sidney Powell’s misdemeanor pleas, and gleefully speculate that she may now somehow “testify against” Trump, the left conveniently overlooks this hard reality. Sidney Powell’s misdemeanor plea is in reality a major defeat for rogue prosecutor Fanny Willis, who obviously had overcharged the case against Powell, and in a grossly political manner, in a way they should probably bring sanctions down upon her from the Georgia bar.

Think about where Willis started – by charging Sidney Powell with a major felony, notably “RICO,” a crime for which if Powell had been convicted, she could have served many years in prison.

Obviously, the “RICO” charge was nothing but a vapid joke from the start, designed to grab left-wing headlines and the fact that Willis folded like a wet rag doll when Powell demanded a speedy trial on the “RICO” charge revealed the naked vapidness and lack of solid evidence behind the headline-grabbing charge. Think about all Powell has to do now. Pay a $6,000 fine, write an “apology letter” to the people of Georgia, (roll eyes), and testify truthfully and further proceedings.

In the general scheme of things, that is a largely meaningless slap on the wrist against Powell who only had to plead to interfering with George’s election. Here’s that caveat. Pleading to that charge does not answer lingering questions, such as, why deep state democrat vote counters in the State Farm Arena pulled boxes of ballots out from under tables late at night, after sending Republican poll watchers home on the promise that voting had stopped for the night?

Why did Georgia count thousands of ballots that under Georgia law, should have been disqualified? Why were absentee voter verification requirements, requirements desired to maintain election integrity,  unilaterally relaxed in Georgia, and why were those ballots counted?

2000 Mules anyone?

These questions linger, and always will unless they are legitimately answered.

Sidney’s pleading to meaningless misdemeanors won’t make these haunting questions go away.

But note what Powell did not plead to. She pled to ZERO felonies, and the big, bad “RICO” charge quickly disappeared,  because obviously the State of Georgia, and rogue democrat prosecutor Willis never had any reasonable basis for charging a felony to begin with.

Sidney’s plea does not include pleading guilty to interfering with a legitimate election. In fact, Sidney’s plea does not legitimize the shady tactics employed in Fulton County and throughout Georgia by accepting unverified ballots, or the thousands of ballots and drop boxes with no chain of custody whatsoever, or ballots that should have been disqualified because the voters have moved out of the county, or too young, or for a number of other reasons.

Yes, Georgia may have” recounted” its votes, but the recount was essentially, a recount of gobbledy-gook-looking  QR codes that could not be humanly verified, to determine whether the “recount” matched the original voters’ intent or not.  In other words, any recount in Georgia was contingent on what the computer says, not on what the human eye can see.

But Georgia’s sloppy election aside, the focus here really is on Willis, who by accepting a misdemeanor plea from Powell, when, Willis had bragged about “RICO,” felonies, and such legal garbage, Willis should hold her head low in embarrassment for her inexcusable political shenanigans which do nothing but cast disdain upon the legal profession. Willis’s excusable power-grabbing decision to charge Powell under “RICO,” when the best  she could do was to accept significant misdemeanors that settle nothing on the Integrity of the election, reveals her true political motives in bringing these charges against Powell and all the other defendants in the Trump-related cases.

This fizzle at the end of the Powell case shows that Willis is a loudmouth liberal prosecutor who is more bark than bite. There’s a reason they say that talk is cheap, and Fani Willis epitomizes it. Willis is a cheap, corrupt, political prosecutor, who, like Jack Smith, Leticia James, and Alvin Bragg,  will bring political prosecutions to gain political power for herself and the democrat party, the Constitution be damned.

Willis’s reckless overcharging tactics, initially indicting Powell for felony “RICO,” something she likely knew she had no chance in hell of ever proving, but by golly, makes her sound “tough,” and garners headlines from CNN, and puts pressure on defendants to accept meaningless misdemeanor charges, underscores the urgent need for Congress to take action by passing rogue prosecutor laws.

Political prosecutions like those being brought by Willis, Smith, and Bragg, and even the civil action being brought by Leticia James, have very little to do primarily with the underlying “facts” on which they’re based, but have everything to do with political power. These prosecutions largely have one thing in common, an assault upon the First Amendment, not only of the candidates themselves,  but also upon the American voters’ rights to vote for the candidate of one’s choice.

The assault on the Constitution brought about by these Kangaroo Core prosecutions is a serious matter.  Prosecutors who bring such cases should be subject to potential prosecution themselves which is why Congress must act, and sooner rather than later, so that any prosecutor such as Willis Bragg or Smith who is later found to have brought a prosecution primarily for political purposes of both everything else, is subject to press felony prosecution themselves.

We certainly cannot expect a Democratic congress or a congress controlled in one house by Democrats. to take this action. But once Republicans regain power in both the Congress and the White House, passing rogue prosecutor laws must be priority number one.

The Democrats will not stop this tactic until they feel the heat upon themselves to stop it.  Rogue prosecutor laws are a step in putting the brakes on this ridiculous constitutional abuse by democrat prosecutors.

The survival of the constitutional republic depends upon it.


Don Brown, a former U.S. Navy JAG officer, is the author of the book “Travesty of Justice: The Shocking Prosecution of Lieutenant Clint Lorance,The Last Fighter Pilot: The True Story of the Final Combat Mission of World War II , and “CALL SIGN EXTORTION 17: The Shootdown of SEAL Team Six,” and the author of 15 books on the United States Military, including three national bestsellers.  He is one of four former JAG officers serving on the Lorance legal team. Lorance was pardoned by President Trump in November 2019.  Brown is also a former military prosecutor and a former Special Assistant United States Attorney.  He can be reached at and on Twitter @donbrownbooks.