The Hypocritical Left and its Despotic Cries for Gun Control: A Modest Proposal That Would Work


Source: Don Brown, May 30, 2022

Here we go again.

Following the horrific elementary school shooting in Uvalde, Texas, the American left displayed a shameful exhibition of political opportunism even before children’s bodies were laid to rest. Cue up Beto O’Rourke, whose clown show at Governor Greg Abbot’s briefing epitomizes the left’s unapologetic shamelessness in their lust for headlines.

Cacophonous screaming, angry fist-shaking, and strident vulgarity have flooded the airways, all promoting the left’s longtime obsession: stringent gun control.

Megan Markle, ESPN, Steve Kerr, and even the New York Yankees joined the worn-out leftist drumbeat, whether parading before cameras or screaming for Congress to “do something.” If unchecked, liberals would revoke the Second Amendment, and punish law-abiding Americans who legally own guns for the acts of criminals who commit mass murder.

Here’s what they’re missing:

Uvalde, Parkland, and other tragedies are not the fault of guns. Instead, they reflect a generation of societal moral decay, spawned by (1) foolish Supreme Court decisions removing God from the classroom over sixty years ago and (2) by failure to adequately arm and train school resource officers to stop these incidents before they start.

But understanding that Uvalde reflects a moral degeneration of society would require leftist recognition of religious moral standards. Recognizing that school shootings stem from expelling God from the classroom would require recognition of God’s existence. Inviting God back into America’s classrooms repulses them to their core.

Instead, they shake their fists and scream at Greg Abbot, and soak in the strobe lights of the media’s television cameras. They rant against red herrings and repeat worn-out talking points, parroting themselves with strident rhetoric like angry quacking ducks in an echo chamber. They offer noise, but not real solutions.

Here’s a question for the left.

If you were so concerned about children’s lives, where were you since SCOTUS decided Roe vs. Wade?

Where was your demand to ban the weapons of abortion? Why not scream “do something” about high-power suction cups, surgical saws, and sharp-bladed knives, all the notorious tools of the abortionist?

Where were the cries for Congress to “do something” about the deaths of over sixty million American children, who died by abortion since 1973?

On that point, did we hear even a leftist pebble drop in the pond?

Certainly not.

The left doesn’t care about children. If they did, would oppose Roe and the brutal act of mass abortion. Instead, they illogically pick and choose what to scream about next. For them, it’s about power.

They know, inherently, at the very core of the 2nd Amendment, that guns in the hands of the people provide the ultimate check-and-balance against unfiltered tyranny and provide self-defense when the cops can’t arrive on time. The BBC and other outlets reported on May 28 that an armed woman killed a lunatic with an AR 15 who opened fire at a graduation party in West Virginia.

Behold, the Second Amendment on display.

And that, the left cannot bear.

What’s the solution to Uvalde, Parkland, and Columbine?

First, schools remain the softest of all targets because they are largely undefended. That must change.

Ponder this: When did a deranged psychopath last walk into a police station and start shooting? That doesn’t happen because nothing stops a lunatic like a good guy with a gun.

We must first place armed resource officers in schools who are prepared to use guns immediately, to neutralize nutcases like the Uvalde shooter. Uvalde, like so many

schools, had no armed officers on campus, making it a prime target for murderous lunatics.

President Trump had a good solution. Cut every dollar spent on the war in Ukraine and spend it on armed resource officers.

Do it now, because American children are more important than the Ukrainian war.

Also, make firearms training available to teachers, on a volunteer basis, who are willing to carry a gun in school. Once our schools are properly armed, school massacres like Uvalde, Parkland, and other places will come to a screeching halt. This works in Israel, and it will work here.

But above and beyond all that, we must attack and reverse the slipping morality first triggered by foolish Supreme Court decisions such as Everson v. Board of Education, Engel v. Vitale, and Abington School District v. Schempp all of which, to one degree or the other, removed God from the public schools.

These cases are constitutionally wrong, and our nation has paid a deadly price for those decisions.

Just as the Supreme Court got it wrong in Roe vs Wade, and in racially discriminatory cases such as Dred Scott and Plessy v. Ferguson, likewise, the Supreme Court missed the mark in the cases removing God from America’s schools.

The Establishment Clause of the First Amendment, at its core, means simply this: Congress cannot establish a national religion.

Here’s a secret: Teaching the 10 Commandments is not establishing a national religion.

By reading, and even memorizing, say, the Beatitudes of Jesus, the Proverbs, or the Psalms of David, we are not making the Baptist Church, the Catholic Church, or any other church a national denomination. Rather, we are restoring a much-needed moral compass by teaching right-versus-wrong to our youth.

Some twenty years ago, the University of North Carolina required incoming freshmen to read excerpts of the Quran. It was the summer of 2002, just nine months after 9/11, and UNC somehow believed that incoming freshmen should be versed in the basic Islamic tenets and included the Quran in its summer reading assignment.

Some students sued, objecting to the recommended reading. But the federal court in North Carolina allowed the readings anyway.

If the Quran can be assigned to incoming university freshmen at UNC for cultural reasons, then the Bible, at the heart of our nation’s heritage, must return to the public forum for reasons of greater urgency.

When we taught the10 Commandments, the Proverbs, and Beatitudes, there were no Columbines, Parklands, or Uvaldes.

The solution to Uvalde is this: Arm school resource officers, assign cops to schools, and bring the Bible’s moral teaching back into public schools from grades K to 12, all across the nation.

It’s the only solution that will work.


Don Brown is a former U.S. Navy JAG Officer, Constitutional lawyer, and author of 15 books on the U.S. military, including the national bestsellers, “LAST FIGHTER PILOT,” “TREASON” and “CALL SIGN EXTORTION 17: The Shoot-Down of Seal Team Six.” He can be reached at

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