Dearborn is now almost 50% muslim. They have become the Muslim capital of USA. ut they are not here to assimilate and become Americans. Their goal is to make America Muslim.
Source: Breitbart, by Deborah Danan, July 25, 2018 “We will not accept a cut or cancellation of salaries to the families of martyrs and prisoners, as some are trying to bring about,” he told representatives of an advocacy group for Palestinian prisoners. Around 35,000 families of Palestinians killed, wounded or serving...
Source: CAIR FB Page, September 24, 2017 #TakeaKnee PHOTO: #CAIR-KY and SHARE-KY "Taking a Knee in Support of Freedom and Justice" Taken at a meeting at Masjid Bilal earlier today (9/24/2017). CAIR-Kentucky Chair Waheeda Muhammad,
Source: The Tennessee Star, by Chris Alto, August 31, 2017 Tennessee’s American Muslim Advisory Council (AMAC) board member Drost Kokoye says the U.S. Constitution “is a document that writes white supremacy into law.” Those were the exact words Kokoye used in a tweet sent from her Twitter account on September 17, 2014–the 227th...
CAIR: Real Terrorists are White Men (VIDEO) says Dawud Walid of Detroit Michigan
Source:  Breitbart, Author:  DEBORAH DANAN, July 30, 2017 TEL AVIV – Arab media from all over the world celebrated the removal of security measures at the Temple Mount and the subsequent return of Muslim pilgrims to the holy site by publishing cartoons poking fun at Israel for capitulating and saying the Jewish state...
Source: Christian Today, by Hazel Torres , January 19, 2016 Muslim men are allowed by Allah to rape non-Muslim or infidel women to "humiliate" them, according to a female Islamic scholar from the prestigious Al-Azhar University in Cairo, Egypt. In a...
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