Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Uniting Western Civilization for Freedom & Liberty

Source: Al Jazeera, by Azad Essa, July 16, 2018 Former US president Barack Obama will deliver the Nelson Mandela annual lecture in Johannesburg on Tuesday. His invitation to speak has drawn widespread criticism from South Africa's civil society who say Obama's record as president deems him unworthy of the honour of speaking at the late anti-apartheid...
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Source: Palestinian Media Watch, June 2018 Official PA daily, Al-Hayat Al-Jadida - Feb. 1, 2018 Headline: “Laith Abu Na’im – my wish is a ‘large wedding’” “He was known for his strong envy of the large Martyrs’ (Shahids’) funerals, and used to say: ‘I want a wedding similar to these funerals.’ Two...
You won't believe your eyes! Every day, Palestinian children are being taught to hate and kills Jews. This horrible propaganda must be stopped! Check it out and spread the word!
By Egyptian Cleric 'Sa'd Arafat' & Kuwaiti Scholar 'Jassem Al-Mutawa'.
Source: Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs, By Pinhas Inbari, June 14, 2018 Institute for Contemporary Affairs Founded jointly with the Wechsler Family Foundation Vol. 18, No. 17 Why is Jerusalem so important to Turkey? Turkey, which supports Hamas, has a growing presence in east Jerusalem, as seen by the Turkish flags flying there....
At the graduation ceremony of the Al-Hoda kindergarten in Gaza, pre-schoolers carrying mock guns and rifles simulated Islamic Jihad militants storming an Israeli building on "Al-Quds Street," capturing a child dressed in stereotypical garb as an Orthodox Jew and killing an "Israeli soldier." To the sounds of loud explosions...
A husband must learn how to beat his wife with love, learn how!!
Al-Aqsa TV (Hamas) program Tomorrow's Pioneers on neighbors' rights. Phone conversation between Nahul the bee and Qais, a boy from Jenin (West Bank). Nahul the bee, (adult in a giant bee costume): "Listen my friend. Are there Jews where you are?" Boy (Qais): "No. Not at the moment." Nahul: "I heard they...
On November 7, Kuwaiti cleric Sheikh Saalim Bin Sa'd At-Taweel published a lecture on his official YouTube channel explaining the concept of Jihad. Sheikh At-Taweel said that while "Jihad" has different meanings, "Jihad for the sake of Allah" means fighting infidels in order to spread Islam. He further explained...

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