The Sick Puppies of the Authoritarian Left


Source:  Daily Skirmish, By Christopher Wright, April 11, 2022

We owe a debt to Canada’s truckers for striking a blow for freedom.  Democrat jurisdictions in the U.S. would not be falling all over themselves to reverse COVID mandates had it not been for the spectacular Freedom Convoy protests in Canada.  But Canada’s truckers are now experiencing the full wrath of their country’s authoritarian Left, which has gone full Trudeau.

Trudeau invoked his country’s Emergencies Act for the first time ever and now the truckers protesting in Ottawa are subject to [http://Washington%20Times]arrest and seizure of their vehicles.  They’re being told they might not be able to travel to the U.S.  Canadian officials can now freeze bank accounts on political grounds, not just for funding the protesters but also for simply expressing support for them on social media.  Washington Post  CNN  Conservative Treehouse  It’s not just bank accounts.  It’s mortgage, insurance, and retirement accounts.  Journalists are piling on.  They’re using hacked data from the U.S. crowd-funding site GiveSendGo to identify people who have made donations to the truckers and are publishing donors’ names.  Canada’s Justice Minister said being pro-Trump is a factor that will be considered in seizing bank accounts.  Trump Derangement Syndrome is alive and well.  On top of all that, Canadian government workers who sympathize with the truckers are losing their jobs.

Don’t think for a minute any of this has to do with COVID or science.  Trudeau let the cat out of the bag, telling us what is really motivating him to crack down.  He recently called the protesters “misogynistic, racist, women-haters, science-deniers, the fringe.”  Yesterday, he doubled down in Parliament, accusing Jewish conservatives of supporting “people who wave swastikas.”  He sounds as deranged as U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland who recently called ordinary parents ‘domestic terrorists’.

So, as you can see, Canada’s authoritarian Left is in full cry, and America’s authoritarian Left is not far behind.  Here’s what else America’s budding authoritarians have been up to recently:

The Justice Department is using a grand jury to subpoena the financial records of groups calling for an audit of the 2020 election.  Going after their money is one way to deal with your political enemies, as Justin Trudeau has shown us.

The NIH Director called for people who spread ‘misinformation’ about COVID to be “brought to justice”.  It’s not clear what he meant by ‘justice’, although he could have meant imprisonment, fines, bans from social media, or even seizing bank accounts.  And don’t look for the government to go after its own misinformation on masks, lockdowns, or COVID death counts any time soon.  Yes, I said misinformation.  Public health authorities are singing a different tune about all of these things and back-pedaling furiously now that the truth is coming to light, as I documented a week ago.  [Daily Skirmish, 2/10/22]

A network of left-wing ‘fact-checkers’ is calling for greater censorship on YouTube.  They want YouTube to interrupt videos sharing information they don’t like with counter-messages, and to cancel people they deem repeat offenders.  These so-called ‘fact-checkers’ are partisan hacks and they’re funded by notorious left-wing big-wigs like George Soros and Bill Gates.

Democrat super-lawyer Marc Elias wants only approved Republicans to be able to run for office, just like communist China which only allows certified candidates to run for office in Hong Kong.

Bennie Thompson, chairman of the House January 6th Committee has pronounced that people who exercise their 5th Amendment right to remain silent before the Committee are guilty.  In case you don’t know, that’s not how our system works, but it’s how authoritarians like Bennie Thompson would like it to work.  Get the rack!

It’s hard not to see all this as a war between the elites and the little people, between wannabe masters of the universe and the rest of us.  So to Klaus Schwab, Justin Trudeau, and all the other left-wing authoritarians among us I say, your days are numbered.  We will break you.  In the future, you will control nothing and be happy about it.